What can I change and manage in a complex environment?

What do I do when simple goals don’t work?

How do I plan in and for uncertainty?

How do I combine the grand vision with the day-to-day?

This workshop will draw on the work of complex adaptive system expert Dave Snowden, the creator of Cynefin, and the methods of the Cynefin Co.

We will introduce the new estuarine framework, an approach that has been gaining traction worldwide in industry and government as a conflict-free approach to strategy. Through this framework, we will learn how to map the landscape of the organisation with an eye towards change. By understanding the energy cost of change in our environment, we will look at ways to harness it and work with its currents.

We will also cover a selection of practical Cynefin Co complexity-friendly methods, principles and practices by interweaving material from the Hexi method kits as we discuss how we move from mapping to action, and from sensing to intervention – as well as answering the question of what on earth a hexi is!

Please note: We cannot cover the full range of Cynefin Co methods in an introductory training – while this training offers a high-level introduction, specific Methods may require additional training or mentoring to implement.

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